Monday, April 27, 2009

Scott's newest letter Dated 04/27/09

April 27, 2009
Mom I am fine, I am sorry again that I didn’t get to write last time. I will tell you what happened. We had the chance to go to a place called Keunek hof. It is one of the most popular places in the world, let alone Netherlands. The missionaries are only allowed to do it once a year, so we didn’t want to miss this opportunity to see it. The down side was that we got home late and didn’t have time to e mail. What Keuken hof is, is flowers beyond your wildest dreams, fields of them. Huge tulips and roses all kinds of colors you wont believe it when you see the pictures. So many kinds of flowers and water fountains and art work it was crazy.Thank you for the birthday card. The photo was in New York. And those zits comics were golden thanks mom. We ate a big apple pie that we bought at the store for my birthday. ooh it was so good. The only thing I got that was fun for my birthday was a book in Dutch about the temples. It is really old but I wanted to have it so I can still read Dutch when I get back.It is good to hear that the missionary moms are having fun. I absolutely love those moms they are such awesome peopleI will try to remember when I take pictures and where for future references. Oh I can’t believe the wonderful things that are happening here; we are being blessed with so many people to teach I am surprised at the blessings that the Lord has blessed us with. I am really trying to push my self and give 100% I know this is the Lords work and I want to give all I have and more. I see so many miracles every day. The other day we were teaching 2 students. Mie and Asadeh they are so wonderful Mie is Buddhist and Asadeh is Muslim. They are a testimony to me that the lord loves all his children. The spirit is so strong when we teach them. I love there willingness to participate in the lessons and ask questions. we were teaching about Christ, and how he has won sin for us. But we didn’t have time to talk about how he overcame death and they were like. "But what is the other thing?" they are great.I have seen the wonderful members change before my eyes I love the amazing people here. I love you all. Malisa thank you for the letter and Mindy thank you as well. Oh and Dave and James hah I love you all

Sunday, March 8, 2009

More Pictures!

See the key?  It holds special meaning for Scott.

The key is in this one too... do you see it?

Every missionary plays B-ball on p-day, but no one is as happy about it as Scott! Look at that face!

I wonder if this is good?

My guess is yes!  He likes it!

Any one know what the sign says... its a hard one!

The name is Bond, James Bond.... I am here to save your soul! =)

Scott, being Scott!

Breathtaking wouldn't you say!

You want a piece of me?

I want to go there!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Lots of pictures!

Typical Scott! Sleeping... tee hee!

I think he gets this from Grandma!

I love this face!

A little more serious...

Christmas Eve PJ's!

Christmas package...

A Charlie Brown Christmas!

The Netherlands Temple

In the service of others!

Being friendly... like he always is!

Haha, bunny ears!

Senior Missionary Couple...

A baptism!

Europe is so beautiful!

Livin it up at IKEA!

Thats all folks!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

reporting for duty

Hey one and all elder Dalpias reporting for duity. Dang I think I spelled that wrong haha.
Ok well I am doing really great. And loving it in Zoetermeer, Humfried the man who was just baptized is doing fantastic. He is going to activities and came to church last week and is doing his home teaching this week! Can you believe that? I am amazed my self. 
I have really gained a testimony about following the spirit and how important it is and how we are always blessed when we do it. I feel bad when I don’t because I know that the adversary has won one. But I repent and try my best. I need more strength, and I need to lose a few pounds as well. haha whoo am I getting quite the belly, I am a little worried but I am trying to work out a little at nights to keep it off. And don’t worry I am sending pictures today so you can see this madness haha.

Well I love you all so much.  Thank you for the love and all that you do. 

 Love elder Dalpias

ps there was another baptism here in den Haag last week, two teenagers got baptized. they are such examples of faith, there mom wants to be baptized to but she needs to marry there dad first and his heart needs to be a little softened first, but he came to the baptism and to church the next day!! this is an eternal family in the making. even their friends and grandma are now investigating the church. What a blessing. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a baptism

Haha hey mom you cute bute haha "cut make the print"? hahah I think you were trying to quote the Grinch haha don’t feel bad though I just laughed and remembered the fun times we had watching movies and quoting them haha. Thanks for that.
Ok well let’s talk baptism. Humfried will be baptized on Friday at 7. He has asked me if I would baptize him. ya it was a little of a surprise for me but he said "you have been my support through this all and I want you to baptize me". Wow I didn’t know what to say. I tried to help him realize that I would be leaving some time in the future but I don’t think he understood but I felt the spirit so I accepted and am glad to be able to perform this ordinance. And Brother Scherf will be performing the ordinance of giving the gift of the holy ghost so that is good he will be able to have him with him even when I leave. It is not that I don’t want to baptize him it is just that I know I will be leaving eventually. But I am so grateful for this opportunity. 
Satan has his ways of trying to stop these things so I really appreciate all your prayers.
Everyone I love you. I have pictures put on CD’s, I just haven’t sent them yet so I will try to get them sent as soon as possible. 
groet, elder Dalpias

oh ps i am really getting along with my companion he is just like me in a lot of ways. We are goofs but we work hard. I will try to get you a pic of him soon.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Lord Loves All of His Children

It’s hard to believe but it is a new transfer already. I told you last week, but my new companion is elder 
Walker. Wow he is so awesome, what a good teacher and example I really like the fire he has. 
Ok "hold on to your buts." ANOND is coming to the temple!!!!! He was an inactive member in Heerenveen. And he is doing so well. He is now the young men’s president and is receiving the Melchesideck (however you spell that hahah) priesthood. Wow and I am living in Zoetermeer by the temple so I should be able to go when he comes for the first time to get his endowment. Wow what a blessing to see this brother progress, to see the lord just working with him. I remember when we took him on joint teaching and he shared his testimony, wow at that moment I knew, that he knew, it was true. He came every Sunday after that, well, he missed one but he goes to institute every week, and is just really strong. Wow the lord loves all of his children. I know it.
Elder Dalpias

Monday, January 5, 2009

Back on track!

Hello all, 

This is Malisa, I am in charge of posting Elder Dalpias's emails and I have been such a slacker.  But I have resolved to do much better and post whenever he sends a letter!  I had an opportunity to talk to Scott on Christmas and he sounds great!  He truly loves the work and the people in the Netherlands.  He has a bit of a typical missionary accent, but he still sounds like Scott!  Well, enough from me! Here is his latest letter!

"Ok hey everyone.
Don’t worry I have enough time to talk to you today. Ill write long ones but I would like long ones in return. 
But I love it, just getting out there every day and serving the lord. Well it is overplatzing today. Transfers and sadly I am loosing elder Nay, man I really am going to miss him. He is such a good missionary. 
My new companion is elder 
Walker. I have seen him before and he was in my district for my first transfer. I am really looking forward to be working with him. 
As for the work here in delft it is going amazing. I am so glad that I can be apart of it. There is a man named Humphret who is getting baptized on the 24 of this month, wow he is so strong I really love his spirit, I really love teaching him, he is so awesome. He loves the book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price. Our last apt he bore testimony that the book of Mormon was true and he felt that this was the true church on the earth today. Wow it was so good. I am really excited for him. Today was a little crazy. Elder Nay is going to Hangalo, elder Rayfield is going to Amersvort. So there are some changes. But I love you and am really glad to have support 
love /groten 
elder Dalpias"